Meet the Psychos

meet katie
Hello you cute little psychos, thank you for visiting the blog! My name is Katie and I am the creator and designer behind Chic But Psycho. I was born and raised in Cleveland but these days I am living in a cozy Manhattan apartment with my pup.
I graduated college with a degree in digital media and advertising, a minor in business, and a serious addiction to caffeine. Now I am spending my weeknights working towards my masters in strategic communication. I started Chic But Psycho as a way to showcase all of the things I have learned throughout the years, from coding to designing. I have always loved the idea of starting a blog and now that I live in NYC and am surrounded by so much inspiration, I might as well take advantage of it.

My obsessions include dogs, pretty colors (pink pink pink), coffee, buying cool but unnecessary things, New York City, infographics, photography (by photography I mean fording Tucker into photoshoots), SoulCycle, candles, and art, so that is probably what you’ll be hearing about most from me!

I hope this blog entertains you, inspires you, and reminds you that life is a little crazy and we’re all a little psycho, but that does not mean that you cannot be your best self!
 meet caroline
meet careGreetings my fellow psychos! My name is Caroline and I will be gracing your lives with a large dose of fashion, design, and all things psychotic to help you lead your most extra and chic life.

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but decided in 2014 to take my talents to the lovely Columbus, Ohio where I am in my third year at The Ohio State University. I am currently studying Marketing and Fashion and Retail Studies and loving every minute (minus those pesky accounting classes of course). When Katie first asked me to join her blog, naturally I was all about it and decided to go for the flattered yet bashful angle of reaction. Then the flashbacks began of when I made an attempt at blogging during my most awkward phase of life, you can infer how that went.  Regardless, I threw that aside, and here I am today excited, past that awkward phase (we hope), and ready to share my lifestyle with you!

In my day to day life, any money I have to my name magically disappears and goes towards all things fashion, interior design related, and lipstick, oh the lipstick. None of this would be possible however if I wasn’t doing the talking and the walking on a daily basis, so I’d also like to recognize my most dear friend, coffee, who very literally keeps me alive. You will soon learn I am about as basic as they come, so we might as well not waste any more time. May the only person you’re ever afraid of be yourself, my dear psychos♥