How to Decorate Your Home for Fall on a Budget

If you’ve looked out your window lately, you may have noticed that times are a-changin’ – leaves are turning, professors are handing out syllabi and you’re getting stuck behind a lot more school buses than usual. In other words, fall is finally here – and what better way to celebrate than by decorating your dorm room or apartment? We’re millennials, too, so we get that decorating can be a pricey investment (at least if your bank account is feeling as tight as ours!), but with the right know-how, you, too, can make your living room look like an autumn Pinterest wonderland! Without further ado, here are all our best tips and tricks for making your space more festive for fall, without breaking the bank.

pumpkin sharpie doodles

Paint a pumpkin

Ah, fall: the one time a year when you can literally buy pumpkin spice anything. Put all that pumpkin enthusiasm to good use and pick up a real-life pumpkin (okay, and maybe a PSL, too) at your local market. With a fresh coat of paint and some simple Sharpie doodles like these, you, too, can have the autumn centerpiece that everyone is envying.

If you don’t trust your own artistic skills, you can purchase these chic pumpkins here!

Hang a pie garland

Our favorite part of fall? Hands-down, it’s the pies. From warm, cinnamon-sugared apples to melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin pie, we just can’t resist a good ol’ slice of whatever kind you happen to put in front of us! Make your guests’ mouths’ water with this easy construction paper pie garlandfrom Martha Stuart. Hang it over the mantelpiece, and you and your friends will be ready to give thanks in no time.
Martha Stewart crafts pie garland
cinnamon scented pinecones

Dust some pinecones in cinnamon

Pinecones are probably the cheapest fall decoration there is – I mean, you can literally walk outside and pick them up off the ground, depending on where you’re from. Even if you don’t have pine trees where you live, you can easily walk into your local dollar store and pick up some pine cones and cinnamon for next-to-nothing. Then, all you need to do is paint on a thin layer of Elmer’s glue and sprinkle on the cinnamon ‘til the whole house smells like fall (as shown on Ehow).

Make a rustic monogram

This rustic monogram is probably the cheapest item on this list – after all, you just need an empty cereal box and a huge pile of twigs! (The more rustic, the better: we’re going for Portland-style hipster here, not classy Upper East Side high-riser.) First, devour an entire box of Cheerios at once and trace out the letters you want on the empty piece of cardboard. Cut out the letter, and spread a paper-thin layer of Elmer’s on the front surface. Then, cut or snap and arrange the twigs so they look as shown in this photo– and voila! You’ve got yourself a rustic monogram for the small price of a cereal-induced stomachache.
twig letter monogram

Print one of these cute signs

If you’ve been enjoying our cheap and easy fall décor so far,  then you’ll love this one: it’s hands-down the laziest, freest way to spruce up your apartment on a budget, since all it costs is a piece of paper and ink. (If you have your own printer, that’s ideal; if not, we sincerely hope you can spare the 30 cents to print at your local library.) All you have to click on the image below that you like and we will email you the file! Then, hang them on your wall, your bulletin board or post in some cheap dollar-store frames to look instantly chicer and ready for fall.
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Download the Pumpkin Spice Printable

May the Halloween spirit be with you,



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