5 Fun Fitness Trends to Keep You in Shape This Fall

fall fitness

Fall is hands-down one of the best times to work out. Between the dropping temps and gorgeous fall leaves, there’s no better time than autumn to go for an outdoor run or hike your favorite hill. You need to keep that summer bod looking fabulous so you can look amazing in your sexy nurse Halloween costume.

But besides getting fit outside, there’s also so many fun fitness trends this season that we literally can’t wait to try! Here are five of our favorite trends that we are looking forward to trying this season. If you’re looking for #fitspo, we promise we’ll give you reasons you can’t resist to get your gym memberships now, before the last fall leaf falls.

Aerial Yoga

If you didn’t catch an aerial yoga class when the trend first cropped up this summer, good news: aerial yoga isn’t going anywhere! Even now that the warm weather is slowly disappearing, aerial yoga remains one of the season’s hottest fitness trends. Appropriately, it will also help you work up a heck of a sweat! In aerial yoga, you perform modified versions of traditional yoga poses while supported by a silk sling suspended from the ceiling. Basically, if you’ve ever had dreams of flying, but are too chicken for skydiving, aerial yoga is a milder second.

Pole Fitness

Since it’s back-to-school season, pole fitness just had to make this list – after all, it’s every college girl’s favorite workout! If you want a hard-as-hell workout that doesn’t feel like work, pole fitness is the class for you. In pole fitness classes, you’ll work your upper bod like crazy while learning some of the sexiest dance moves around. Whether you’re looking to get a dancer’s lean, toned body or just to get some new inspo for a night out at the club, pole fitness is sure to help you have fun while staying fit.


Though barre has been around for quite some time now, we can confirm that this fitness trend is here to stay. All our fave celebs, like Candace Swanpoenel and Zoey D.,swear by barre to maintain that glamorous Hollywood figure. Plus, you’ll never find a fitness class that’s half as graceful as this one! So, if you ever dreamed of dancingSwan Lakeas a little girl but fell off the ballet bandwagon, barre is the perfect middle ground to help you achieve the long, lean lines and legs of a dancer’s bod.

The Fitbit Ionic

Not all fitness trends are workout classes: nutrition, activity and simply leading a healthy, stress-free lifestyle all go hand-in-hand. That’s where the newest fitness tracker, the Fitbit Ionic, comes in. We know digital fitness trackers have been popular for quite a few years now, but trust us when we say that this is not your mama’s Fitbit! This water-resistant fitness tracker takes the old Fitbit to the next level, giving it a major upgrade with built-in GPS and personal fitness coaching. Plus, with its sleek new look, the Fitbit Ionic is both an amazing fitness tool and the hottest new accessory for fall!

fall fitness Fitbit ionic

YouTube Fitness

Of all the fitness trends in the world, none is easier to try for yourself than YouTube! Slowly, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts started joining YouTube and creating videos to make health and wellness more accessible to the everyday person. Now, online fitness is a Thing with a capital “T,” and YouTube celebs are some of the top fitness gurus of our generation. Our personal favorite YouTube fitness instructors here at Chic But Psycho? Tone It Up’s Karena and Katrina, and Blogilates’ Cassey Ho (who, in case you haven’t heard, is getting married – and might be on Say Yes to the Dress!Um, what?!?!).

How do you plan on staying fit this fall??



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