Friday Favorites – 5/19

Fri-YAY is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing what we’ve been obsessing over this week!?


Bandanas are the go to neck accessory for summer, and I can’t get enough of them. This particular one is from Francesca’s, where they have tons of colors and patterns for only $12! I love pairing these with off the shoulder tops, or a denim jacket. Let it be known that I was rocking these for a good two weeks before Miley flaunted it this past week okur.

Speaking of Miley Cyrus, her new single “Malibu” has been on repeat on my phone for the past week now. But really, ask my parents, they’re ready to kill me. Although, in my defense, for the first 30 plays my dad would randomly ask every 6 plays or so “Who sings this, she’s got a great voice.” I’ve always been a big Miley fan, but this is the music I’ve been needing from her. You can listen to it really anywhere, she rocks and didn’t make us all get one week free trials on the newest streaming app. This song is amazing and going to be on everyone’s summer dinner party playlists. LISTEN TO IT. (80 times).

These Glasses

clear aviators

I don’t really understand why clear aviators are all the rage suddenly, but I am not mad. These are so chic and can make running shorts look like a trendy ensemble. I am INTO IT (and the snapchat filter of them definitely helped persuade me oops). And perk, they’re only $8 and Amazon Prime eligible WOOHOO. Mine are on their way to my doorstep already hehe.

OPI’s line of infinite shine polishes are at the top of my list these days. They go on so smoothly and evenly, look awesome, and you didn’t hear this from me, but the top coat isn’t necessary. I throw a quick dry Revlon top coat over it and they look just as great. This shade is Taupe-less Beach, such an awesome color for summer and looks even better with a tan. Right now I am rocking “Can’t Tame a Wild Thing,” a fiery orange, and absolutely loving it as I lack the tan requirement. My nails love me a little more this week.

OPI Infinite Shine

I got these sandals at Gap Factory, and me oh my I am loving them. I bought them to serve the purpose of the ease of throwing on flip flops, but the trend of some gladiator/strappy sandals, and I am PLEASED. They are cheap, comfy, adorable, and versatile for so many outfits. 10/10 recommend snatching these up online or in a Gap Factory store while you still can!

Gap Two Band Sandals

Happy Friday, psychos!! What have you been loving this week??


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