Re-sparking my Creativity

For the past month or so I have been super busy working on final exams and papers. I graduate from graduate school in 10 days; it doesn’t feel real. Maybe that is because I have a graduate project throughout June so I won’t technically get my diploma until then…ugh. But with all of the studying, all I have really wanted to do is blog.

It’s funny, I always had a Tumblr account in high school. I mainly just “reblogged” pictures and quotes but I have always loved having that collection of thoughts and feelings to look back on. I’m a big journal-er, I have tons of journals dating back to as early as I could write. And while I love journaling, I think blogging makes me happier because I have always studied design and digital media so it’s adding that aspect of my life to the journaling. It’s also less lonely than writing down my thoughts in a notebook in bed at night. But I absolutely love to go back and read my old journal entries every once and a while.

When I first started Chic But Psycho, I was obsessed. I wrote down all these lists of things I wanted to write about and share with people. I changed my theme a bunch of times until I felt like it was absolutely perfect. But as I started to learn more about blogging, I realized that it is really a business. I set it up as a way to express myself before learning that lots of bloggers are making thousands of dollars a month. I was comparing myself to people who have been blogging for years. Then I started looking at this blog as a business, and I lost all creativity. It didn’t make me very happy anymore. I became obsessed with page views and follower counts and subscribers. It felt more like a chore than a hobby.

So from now on I am done comparing my blog to other bloggers and obsessing over analytics. Chic But Psycho is a place to share my thoughts, ideas, stories, favorite things, least favorite things, etc. with the people who care to read it. And hopefully my creativity will come back.

Thanks for sticking around, psychos.

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