Tucker’s Guide to New York City

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A Dog’s Guide to NYC

The little dog in the big apple. Teeny Tiny Tucker moved to NYC with me almost a year ago and he has been loving it. He’s a great apartment dog and it is really convenient that there is a dog park down the street.

I’ve made a list of Tucker’s favorite places and pet-friendly restaurants for you to try with your fur babies!

Dog Parks

Madison Square Dog Park

We love Madison Square ParkIt’s right down the street and it is our dog park of choice. As soon as we are outside our building, Tucker assumes that is where we are going and walks in that direction. It’s a pretty big park that has a separate section for small dogs who don’t feel comfortable with the bigger dogs.

The only real downside is that the ground is covered in pebbles that take some of the dogs a little while to get used to. It is kind of funny to watch the new dogs walk on the pebbles for the first time. We have met so many great dogs/owners at MSP. 10/10 would recommend to fellow dog owners.

Tucker and Elliot Maltese
Tucker and his little buddy Elliot at Madison Square Park

Washington Square Dog Park

This one is about a 20 minute walk for us so we don’t go here as often, but Tucker loves it when we do! It doesn’t have a special section for smaller dogs but Tucker doesn’t mind the bigger dogs so that’s not a problem. The ground is dirt so it’s less harsh on his little paws. He got yelled at for standing in the WSP fountain once, so now he just sticks to playing at the park!

Tucker the maltese
Tucker Washington Square Park
Tucker living his best life at Washington Square Park


The Downtown Doghouse

I cannot recommend this place enough. They have two locations, one in Chelsea and one in Gramercy. They are so good at what they do. Tucker is not the most tolerant little guy when it comes to grooming and they still manage to make him look perfect. The Downtown Doghouse has been featured in huge news outlets such as The Wallstreet Journal, the NY Post, Anderson Cooper, etc. You can watch some of their press here.

Pet Stores

The Barking Zoo

The Barking Zoo is next to Tucker’s groomer so I usually take him as a treat for behaving at the groomer. I’d consider them more of a “luxury pet store.” They have really good quality collars, coats, travel carriers, and toys. They sell mainly organic, grain-free food which is what Tucker eats (a grain-free diet is supposed to help the brown coloring that he gets under his eyes) so I get him special treats here. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking for a nice product that you want to last, but it’s a bit pricier than the average pet store.

Petland Discounts

This pet store is better for products that you need to buy regularly. I usually order Tuck’s food online when I realize it’s getting low but if I run out before ordering new food I will run to Petland Discounts. It’s not the most exciting store but they have the best prices that I have seen in NYC. They have 10 locations in Manhattan alone, and over 50 more in the NY area, so there’s going to be one pretty close to you no matter where you live.


Note: dogs usually have to be seated outside, even at dog friendly restaurants, so you may have a longer wait than normal. I like to call ahead and let them know I’m bringing a dog so hopefully they will be prepared to seat a table outside!

Highline Hotel

The Highline Hotel is an award winning, very pet friendly hotel in Chelsea. They have a beautiful, vintage feel and a courtyard restaurant that was full of people eating with their pups. I even saw a dog eating a burger out of a dog bowl at a table near us!

Flatiron Green

This is Tucker and I’s FAVORITE. Outside the flatiron building is a cute eco friendly outdoor cafe – the structure is a re-purposed shipping container! I love stopping here for coffee especially because in the morning I like to take Tucker on a walk and also get coffee and most cafes don’t let you do that. They also have great smoothies, wraps, muffins, etc. I could eat here everyday and I think Tucker would agree.

Tucker at Flatiron Green Cafe
Tucker at Flatiron Green Cafe

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is another outdoor eating spot located in Madison Square Park (and a couple other locations). This place is a great place to go with your dog because the human food is amazing AND they have a little menu just for dogs! The Pooch-ini is a dog biscuit with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard. Or you can buy a Bag-o-bones which is 5 ShackBurger dog biscuits made by Bocce’s Bakery. Nothing beats a summer night at Shake Shack.

Café de la Esquina

Café de la Esquina is a Mexican restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tucker and I attended a Puppy Brunch here, hosted by The Brunch Boys. It was a great event that teamed up with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. Tucker met lots of dogs and got to taste test some of the food!

Tucker Cafe de la Esquina
Tucker at Cafe de la Esquina
Tucker and Pooch of NYC
Tucker and Pooch of NYC

Other Favorites

Walks along the Hudson River

This is our favorite place to go on long walks. I don’t think Tucker understands what the river is but he likes to stare at it!

Tucker at the Hudson River
Tucker at the Hudson River

Rides on the subway

Tucker loves the subway. Dogs have to be in a bag in order to go on the subway but luckily he’s a little guy. He usually falls asleep as soon as the train starts to move but sometimes it’s hard because he gets so much attention!

Tucker on the subway
Tucker on the subway

Dog Meet-ups

Dog meet-ups  are great ways to meet other dog owners in the city and for your dog to get some exercise! We went to a Maltese Meet-up at Madison Square Park and Tucker LOVED it. This website shows you all of the upcoming dog meet-ups!

Maltese Meet Up
Tucker & Friends
Maltese Meet up
Tucker & Friends

So these are some of Tucker’s favorite places in NYC! What do you like to do with your dog in the city?


Katie & Tucker

dog guide to nyc


  1. This is the cutest thing I have read in a while! I love Tucker. Not going to lie, I’m kind of jealous Tucker gets more likes on Instagram than I do. #DogsofInstagram

  2. This is the cutest thing EVER! Tucker is awesome, he is adorable and so fun. Love this.

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